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Weekly Recap 📰

  • Calling all digital nomads: Work from Ollalai is offering free rent to professionals willing to share their knowledge and skills with the community. Ollalai is a beautiful Italian Island known for its high concentration of individuals living beyond 100 years old.
  • Life at Sea Cruises by Miray set sail on the first-ever three year cruise around the world. Travelers can go for as little as $2500 a month… or average rent in New York City or Los Angeles.
  • Microsoft announced its new AI Copilot in Windows 11. It has numerous features dedicated to travel such as:
  • Planning a travel itinerary around a list of places to visit
  • Checking text messages or emails from a connected smartphone for summaries about upcoming flights and reservations
  • Drafting event schedules and booking events for work or personal
  • New legislation will create a standard for displaying mandatory fees related to hotels and short-term rentals. Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, and more have already started displaying mandatory fees upfront to customers.
  • Skift releases The Skift Travel 200 which tracks the stock performance of nearly 200 public travel companies worth more than a trillion dollars. Travel sector is up 20% year to date.